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Vinyl Liner Pools

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Vinyl Liner pools are a popular option where the pool is covered by a durable, non-porous material.

A vinyl liner pool has a custom made sheet of vinyl between the water and the pool structure. There are various styles, patterns, and colors available.


  • Initial Cost- Vinyl liners present the lowest initial cost in pool construction.
  • Soft, porous lining- The vinyl material used for the lining is smooth to the touch and resistant to bacterial growth.
  • Pool customization- Vinyl liners can be customized to any shape, size or depth which gives you more options in your pool design.
  • Aesthetic designs- You have a wide variety of options available for your liner color, design, and pattern.


  • Higher lifetime cost- Liners last between 10-15 years and will need to be replaced, which is an added cost of maintenance to consider.
  • Susceptible to tears- Vinyl liners are 20-30mm thick, but if torn will need to be replaced immediately.
  • Appearance over time- As with many materials that are left out in the sun over time, the vinyl material will fade over time and may lose its initial aesthetic appearance as it whitens and fades.
  • Lower home resale value- Home buyers may be reluctant to purchase a vinyl liner pool due to future costs down the road in liner replacements and maintenance.

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