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Gunite Pools

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gunite pool


Gunite Swimming Pools offer the most flexibility and durability of all swimming pool types.

Gunite pools are steel-reinforced, concrete-based structures with unlimited design capabilities and fully customizable options available.


  • Design capabilities: There is huge flexibility in the design of your pool with custom sculpting and concrete base.
  • Unlimited size and depth: You have limitless options in the size, shape, and depth of your pool.
  • Structural integrity: Gunite pools are built to last with a strong, permanent structure
  • Home resell value: Potential home buyers place a higher value on gunite pool structures.


  • High cost: Gunite is an expensive pool option with a high initial cost and continuing maintenance cost.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Your pool will require ongoing maintenance to keep it functioning at its best. This mean consistent cleaning, checking chemical levels, and looking for algae growth.
  • Rough interior: The pool’s interior will be rougher on hands and feet and may lead to scratches or scrapes.

Pre-made Skins

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