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Fiberglass Pools

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Fiberglass is an option that gives you that ability to have a beautiful, custom pool.

Fiberglass pools consist of a hardened shell surface that is built as one piece. This is a common, convenient option with various pool shapes and sizes available.


  • Low maintenance- The fiberglass surface is non-porous and resistant to algae growth. Long term maintenance is minimal due to the solid structure and smooth surface.
  • Smooth surface- The fiberglass material is smooth to the touch and comfortable to swim in.
  • Built-in features- Seats, benches, and steps can be built into the pool structure and present a continuous, aesthetic look.
  • Pool options- There are many shapes, styles, and colors to choose from when designing your fiberglass pool.


  • Limited size- Because the shell is built and shipped in one piece, the size and depth of the pool is restricted.
  • Higher initial cost- Fiberglass pools are more expensive than vinyl liners in initial costs and ask for a larger investment up front.
  • Fewer custom options- The rigid, molded structure limits the shapes and styles available.

Pre-made Skins

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